Why do men have extra marital affairs even after marrying the girl of their choice, these are the reasons


Why do men have extra marital affairs even after marrying the girl of their choice, these are the reasons

People who are unhappy in their marriage often enter into a relationship with another person without informing their partner. Men do this more than women. Many times he is not able to be satisfied with his life partner despite love marriage, and starts searching for his happiness in other women.
Every person wants to marry the person of his choice. Many times people even rebel against their families to do this. In some cases, everyone gets happily married in the end, while in some cases the family members break the relationship forever. Even in today’s time, it is very difficult to do love marriage. It is not within everyone’s power to do this.
But sometimes two people who are fighting so much to be with each other, have to shed tears over their own decision. This usually happens when a third person enters the marriage relationship. However, either husband or wife can be responsible for this. But mostly such deceptions come from men only. It has also been confirmed in the Journal Social Survey that men are more deceitful than women. When they are unhappy in their marriage, they often indulge in extra marital affairs. In such a situation, here today we are sharing with you some of the reasons due to which, despite having a love marriage, men get into relationships with other women instead of improving their relationship with their wives.
Not only arranged marriage , sometimes some people also have to do love marriage under pressure. This pressure is created by parents or partner. In such a situation, when a man is not mentally ready to take up the responsibilities of marriage, then with time he is less likely to learn and more likely to get bored and run away. Many times such marriages end in extra marital affairs.
After marriage, men often keep grinding between differences of opinion between their wife and family. Many times the situation arises for them to choose a side. This condition is even more frightening for men who marry the girl of their choice.
Because he keeps getting taunted by his family all the time about marrying the girl of his choice . And pressure from wife turned girlfriend to leave the house. In such a situation, to run away from all these headaches, a man often gets into a relationship with another woman.
Even after living together for many years before marriage, relationships often get filled with boredom later on. Husband and wife do not need to make any effort to know each other. In such a situation, many men have extra marital affairs to feel the thrill. So that whatever he is not able to experience with his partner, he can experience it with another woman.
Every girlfriend-boyfriend goes to any extent to fulfill each other’s wishes before marriage. Together they try many such things, which make them feel like birds flying freely in the sky. After living together for a while, the entire responsibility seems to be to please each other.
In such a situation, when both get married and start living together, many times they are not able to handle the changes that come with it properly. Due to which mutual relations start deteriorating. Love and romance gradually start fading away from the relationship. Every matter ends in a disagreement. Fed up with this, men often set out to find solace in another woman.

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