The Day Before

07 December 2023

The Day Before offers players a uniquely reimagined journey into  post-apocalyptic open-world MMO survival set in the present day on the  US East Coast following a deadly pandemic.

Developer: FNTASTIC Publisher: Mytona Fntastic

The Day Before is a multiplayer survival horror extraction shooter video game developed by Fntastic and published by Mytona.

Set in the future, players control a character who must traverse and survive in the fictional, post-apocalyptic 'New Fortune City', which has been overrun by zombies.

The game's lengthy development led to questions of its legitimacy, and it drew early criticism for its perceived status as a scam.

The development was marred by legal disputes involving Fntastic, as well as accusations of plagiarism and soliciting unpaid labour; Fntastic denied accusations of scamming and plagiarism.

Upon release, The Day Before was panned by critics for its technical issues and lack of creativity.

Four days later, it was removed from sale—with its servers remaining open until the following month—and Fntastic was closed due to its poor sales performance.

The Day Before was first revealed in January 2021 with a gameplay trailer that showed the basic mechanics of the game. A gameplay trailer was released the following month in February, with Fntastic calling the game "a real breakthrough for the MMO survival genre".

Upon its early access release, IGN panned many of the game's  aspects, and called it "wholly disappointing" and "easily one of the  worst games [they've] ever played".

The Day Before received "overwhelmingly negative" reviews on Steam, with players criticising its lack of melee combat, artificial intelligence, world design and scale, and technical issues.